PDF 2.0 Issues

Industry-based resolutions for issues reported against all PDF 2.0 (ISO 32000-2:2020) related published ISO standards.

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This public repository is hosted by the PDF Association in order to provide all developers a means of openly reporting issues against any published PDF 2.0 related standard for review and resolution by industry and ISO experts. All issues in PDF specifications are important, from minor typos and formatting issues, to larger ambiguous, unclear or apparently contradictory statements. By reaching consensus on resolutions as an industry, PDF interoperability and implementation reliability will be improved.

Issues in the following ISO publications may be reported here:

Resolutions proposed here are not officially authorized by the ISO working groups responsible for PDF 2.0 related standards (ISO TC 171 SC 2 and ISO TC 130 WG 2), and may be changed in future ISO publications. See here for details of current work in progress of each PDF-related ISO working group.

Resolved Issues

The current set of resolved issues are presented as localized marked up changes (additions and deletions) to the published wording in the relevant ISO standard organized by top level clause. Issue numbers (implemented here as popup tooltips) refer back to closed GitHub pdf-issues with a "proposed solution" label. Due to ISO copyright, only minimal surrounding text from the relevant ISO standard is provided that is sufficient to locate where the resolution is being applied.

Resolved issues for ISO 32000-2:2020 (PDF 2.0)

Resolved issues for ISO 19005-4:2020 (PDF/A-4)

Resolved issues for ISO 15930-9:2020 (PDF/X-6)

Resolved issues for ISO 16612-3:2020 (PDF/VT-3)

Resolved issues for ISO 21757-1:2020 (ECMAScript for PDF 2.0)

Last modified: 19 June 2021